BikeBillboards are the fastest growing segment of the new “green” outdoor advertising market and for very good reasons too. First of which, is they are incredibly effective and inexpensive to purchase and to maintain and deploy. Now, with Bike Billboards – almost anyone can have their own mobile outdoor billboard and/or outdoor advertising business. Great way to keep fit and make money at the same time. Bike Billboards can go almost anywhere and can advertise in places where typical billboards and mobile billboards (trucks) cannot be or cannot go.

“Mobile advertising displays boost name recognition 15 times greater
than any other form of advertising” 

Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.


The Bike Billboards industry is growing rapidly and is now ripe for franchising and global growth via new social media strategies. The time has come for BikeBillboards on a global scale – and leads from all over the world have come to this site for purchasing Bike Billboards and related consulting and advertising. One of the leads generated $100,000 contract from a national advertiser – to the referral affiliate – from this BikeBillboards.com website.

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BikeBillboards.com was the original manufacturer of Bike Billboards with several different design models, and has been the leader in this industry for over 10 years. Before the owners retiring, BikeBillboards.com was number ONE on  search engines – in this outdoor marketing category. The owner is retiring and the new owner/s will have the option to continue to manufacture, retail and/or advertise for themselves OR for others. Social networking, a special BikeBillboards marketing book (cover shown above) and franchising were to be next strategies for expanding this special domain. Owner can stay on as a consultant if needed.

THIS DOMAIN (and two others) are FOR SALE

Contact RICHARD PAWLOWSKI – 562-243-1063 or email rp@venturexpo.com – if interested in acquiring BikeBillboards.com,  BikeBillboards.net, SignBikes.com domains. Serious inquiries only please.

The owner must now retire and sell all three premium domains –  BikeBillboards.comBikeBillboards.net and SIGNBIKES.com. These three domains represent a great, long range business opportunity and terms are available to qualified buyer. Again, BikeBillboards.com (and SignBikes.com) are now prime for an affiliate campaign  or franchising as well as social media expansion. For additional info package please email owner.

Please do not inquire unless you are serious about this acquisition. The sales price is negotiable and terms or JV available to aggressive group or individual.

Contact >> Richard Pawlowski – 562-243-1063 – or email – rp@venturexpo.com